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aboutus_p1 About the Owners

Comb It Out Lice Removal’s founders, Sofia Deleuse and Pamela Fukui, are hard working mothers who understand how hard it is to deal with lice in your child’s hair. As we both experienced having lice as children and remember the products having a horrible smell along with burning and an itching sensation on our scalps. The same products are still available today but less effective. Our Lice treatment specialists are professionally trained in eliminating head lice safely and successfully. We understand the tension and stress head lice can cause for the entire family. Our treatment specialist take care of the problem quickly and effectively while focusing on making the experience as easy on your child as possible.

Families all across America run into the problem of head lice. Most don’t know what to do. The ones that do, get frustrated when the products don’t work. When you have Comb It Out lice removal Salon take it out of your hands the frustration level goes away, and your life is only disrupted for a short period of time. Lice can be an embarrassing problem for some people, but for us, we understand that lice happens.

The feeling of satisfaction we have after helping a family through this experience, and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to tackle the problem, is what we love most about the work we do here at Comb It Out lice removal salon.

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