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Love Comb It Out!!!! Went in they checked my daughters hair checked my son and found nothing checked mine and found nothing as well just a mom being paranoid. Pamela was amazing she talked to me and made me and my children feel comfortable they had toys, books and took care of my children as I got checked. These women are amazing unlike Love Bugs in Lafayette they really care. They also inform you about what precautions you can take and what you can do a home. I also recommend buying the rosemary spray my kids love the smell and my daughter gets excited when I put it on her. I will be going back if any unwanted bugs decide to visit our home again! Another plus is they are available 7 days a week and that’s great since some places arent. Thanks Comb It Out you guys are GREAT!!!!
Pleasant Hill, CA From Jeanette S. 2/11/2013
Freaked myself out thinking I had lice…. found Comb it Out…went in for a free evaluation which was very thorough! Both ladies were so nice. The place was clean and professional. Fortunately, it was all in my head. Nothing! They made me feel so much better I tipped them for their time! Will definitely remember this place should my kids ever come home with some visitors!
From E.F., 1/13/2013
Found Comb it Out Lice on the web­site and went as a family to get checked out. Daughter had eggs and nits and the rest of us got checked out. Really professional and discreet .Have to go back for 2nd treatment and bought some of the product to use for family. Really patient and kept boys busy with TV and toys.
Tracy, CA, From Joe G. 5/1/2013
Go, go, go! There’s no reason to deal with critters, let Sophia and Pamela put your mind at ease! It was clean, and Sophia thoroughly and quickly checked my head! I thoroughly recommend them, may be covered by FSA too!
Brentwood, CA, Brentwood, CA
I was immediately relieved when I walked into this salon! Sophia checked myself and 3 children for head lice and took the time to explain the process and reassured me that we would be just fine. I had bought a store brand of lice shampoo, but later found out that it doesn’t remove the nits or eggs. Sophia methodically goes through your hair and removes all nits and eggs and counts them. She has a wonderful checklist for you to take home to guide you through the home cleaning process. My kids LOVED going to the salon! I have never had my kids love going to get a haircut or even the dentist. They have dvd players for the kids, toys, and even snacks. The salon is immaculate inside and I felt relieved to have found a great salon to treat my family.
Concord, CA, From Scott B. 11/8/2012
I can’t say enough good things about Comb It Out Lice Salon!!! I brought my family of five in because we found that we had lice. We were devastated. We came in and immediately the ladies made us feel at ease. They have personal DVD players for the kids, a whole library of movies and even a TV for the family members waiting in the lobby. They were able to answer all of our questions and made all of us feel completely comfortable. We had to come in for a second treatment….. we had quite a few of those little buggies….. when we came back for the second treatment they found nothing!!!! We were lice free!!! By the time we left my girls felt so at ease there, I don’t think they wanted to leave!!! I know that if we ever have lice again I won’t have to panic we will just call Comb IT Out!!!
Brentwood, CA, From Lenora G. 10/19/2012

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